Monthly Competitions

The Tamworth Camera Club conducts a monthly competition. The following information can be found as follows:





2019 Competition – Set Subject Topics & Definitions

The TCC conducts a Set Subject, Open Colour and Open Monochrome Competition each month; except December and January. February is Set Subject only. In the Trophy months of May and November there will be the addition of a Creative Class.

Set Subject Competitions:  The intention is to provide you with some focus on what to photograph. Having an image that meets the subject is not enough; you should aim towards an image that ‘stands out’. Judges will be directed not to give awards to an image that is not related to the subject.

Open Colour:  Any subject that ‘pictorially’ reflects the personal interpretation by the photographer. It should encompass elements of good design, composition and arrangement.

Open Monochrome:  Any subject that ‘pictorially’ reflects the personal interpretation by the photographer rendered as a Monochrome (Black & White or shades of any single colour) image. Your image should show the very dark grey (black) to the very light grey (white)and intermediate shades of grey or of the chosen colour. It should encompass elements of good design, composition and arrangement.

Creative:  Anything goes; be it Altered Reality; creative angles; an unusual perspective of the subject matter; it can be created in-camera or post processed. If more than one image used, then ALL images used must have been taken by the author. NO stock images allowed. All components of the images/photographs must be the work of the Member.

Feb 2019   Still Life  (This is also the 2019  Zone Convention Set Subject.) Photography is a representation of chiefly inanimate objects and the ability to put those objects together to create a pleasing image. The group of objects must be put together by the photographer.
2 digital images per Member. 
No Open Colour or Open Monochrome this month.

March 2019   Older Folks
Portrait of an old person/people showing their dignity, character, experience and/or other aspects of old age.

April 2019   Street Scape 
The visual elements of a street, including the road, adjoining buildings, footpaths, street furniture, trees and open spaces, etc, that combine to form the street’s character.

May 2019   Star Burst – one image – The WAL TROPHY – ONE Digital Image Only.
Starburst describes something (such as a pattern) that resembles diverging rays of light. A starburst is the result of light diffraction. The technique for shooting successful starbursts is to use a narrow aperture such as f/22 and a relatively wide focal length like 18mm. With a narrow aperture, the blades inside your lens close down to create a very small opening for light to pass through. This narrow opening creates a slight diffraction or bending of the light, which causes a point source of light to become a starburst shape when it hits and is recorded by the camera’s sensor.
For this month there will be the extra Class of Creative, adhering to the same Rules as Colour and Mono.

June 2019   Colourising
Generally a monochrome image with a single object coloured to heighten the realism of the photograph, or for artistic purposes, or to place emphasis on that object.

July 2019   Juxtaposition
It is a conceptual contrast, and by placing two things together in order to show a contrast, particularly when two contrasting or opposing elements are used, so that the differences between them are emphasised.

August 2019   Texture 
Texture photography is any imagery that depends on its impact on the texture of the objects in the image. The emphasis is the texture of the object/s in your image.

September 2019   Silhouette 
A silhouette is defined as an outline that appears dark against a light background where the subject is seen as a black shape without detail.

October 2019   Low Key – The McGinty TROPHY – ONE Digital Image Only.
A photo in which the darker tones predominate. Despite this, the image may have a full range of tones. Images entered into the McGinty Trophy will be judged by an external accredited FCC Judge.
For this month there will be the extra Class of Creative, adhering to the same Rules as Colour and Mono.

November 2019   Movement 
Your image must give the feeling of movement. The use of blurring, panning or moving an object is some of the many techniques that can be used to achieve this.

December 2019   Overall Champion Image of the Year
No Competition. However all images that were placed 1st, 2nd and 3rd during 2018 are eligible for the Award and will be judged externally by a suitably qualified Judge/s.

February 2019   The Set Subject will be the 2019 Zone Convention topic.
2 digital images per Member. Topic TBA.

March 2020   TBA – The Set Subject will be the 2020 Zone Convention topic.


Image Size & Format

All components of images/photographs must be the work of the member submitting them.

The following is an excerpt from the club’s Rules for the Monthly Competitions with some examples.The Full document is here
A complete list of rules can be obtained from the Club’s Secretary.

The closing date for the Club’s Monthly Competition for images to be sent to the Competition Co-ordinator is not later than the date of the meeting before the images are to be judged.


  • Images for the Club Competition can be any photographic medium except digitally projected images.
  • All images must have a cardboard mount.
  • Images for both Open sections and the Set Subject must conform to these requirements.
  • Entries for the McGinty Trophy and the Wal Trophy are to be digitally projected only.
  • Entrants must supply both a hard copy and a digital copy of their images when they are entering the relevant Monthly Competitions.


  • A photo can only be entered once in the Club’s Monthly Competition
  • Club Members are allowed to enter one image in each of the three categories in each months Competition.
  • Entrants must supply both a hard (printed and mounted) copy along with a digital copy of each of their images when they are entering all the Monthly Competitions, except for the digitally projected months.


  • The digital copy is to be emailed in JPEG format only, ready for viewing on a screen projection.
  • Maximum width is to be 1440 pixels, AND
  • Maximum Height is to be 1080 pixels. NOTE: This is especially important for portrait oriented images.
  • Maximum file size is to be 2.0Mb
  • The digital copy is needed to allow judges comments and the images to be projected at the next meeting.
  • The digital copy is to be sent to the relevant Competition Co-ordinator no later than the date of the meeting, unless prior arrangements are made to submit your entry to the Competition Co-ordinator at the meeting.
  • Members are to ensure they provide the same image as printed with all the same adjustments and be cropped the same as the mounted image. Title is to be as per the Rules and is to be written clearly on the back of the mount.


Your digital images can be emailed to the relevant Grade Co-ordinator by the due date, using the links below.

HARD COPY SIZING All images must have a cardboard mount and the overall size of the images and mount must conform to the requirements of the Northern Zone Photographic Competition requirements as follows:-

  • Large Prints – the boundary size falls within 192sq in or 12″x16″ format.
  • Small Prints – the boundary size falls within 80sq in or 8″ x 10″ format.


Images entered into a Club Competition SHALL be entitled as follows:-

  • First – your member number, allocated by the Secretary,
  • Then – your grade (A or B), and an underscore or space,
  • Then – the abbreviation for the competition, and an underscore or space, and
  • Then image title using an underscore or space between the words, OR using Uppercase to commence each new word.

These are to be put on the image, both the hard copy and the digital copy before submission.
No image will be accepted into the Competition unless correctly titled.

ABBREVIATIONS: SS = Set Subject, OC = Open Colour, OM = Open Monochrome, CR = Creative.

EXAMPLE: B Grade entry by member No 01 into set subject:
01B_SS_Morning_Mist … or … 01B_SS_MorningMist … OR … 01B SS Morning Mist

EXAMPLE: A Grade entry by member No 21 in open colour:
021A_OC_Colours_of_Spring … or … 021A_OC_ColoursOfSpring … OR … 021A OC Colours of Spring


If you do not have your email set on your computer, then use this email address to send your entries.